Gout Foot Symptoms

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Gout Foot SymptomsWhen the body is done breaking down purines, uric acid is produced and this will dissolve in the bloodstream and is flushed out of the body through the urinary system. The buildup of uric acid crystals in the joints is known as gout, a form of arthritis, and this is due to the excessive amount of uric acid in the body. Gout conditions are more prevalent in men than in women and consumption of organ meats and asparagus or any other foods that are high in urine can increase the risk of gout development. The treatment for this condition often includes various medications. However, before resorting to any form of treatment or remedy, it would be best to learn about the different gout foot symptoms first which include the following:

  • Pain: gout may occur in any joints in the body, but this is often found on the foot. Gout on foot usually causes severe pain and discomfort. Gout may also occur in the fingers, elbows, wrists and heels and one or more joints may experience pain at the same time. The pain sensation usually starts at night and it may become severe upon waking up in the morning. The intensity of the pain may range from crushing pain to throbbing pain and is extreme during its first 24 hours. However, there are pain relievers that can be consumed to manage this symptoms but this can be experienced for several days to weeks or following the duration of the gout attack.
  • Inflammation: the joint that is affected by gout may become swollen and difficult to bend due to stiffness. Inflammation of the joint and redness of the skin covering the affected joint usually accompany the pain. The inflamed joint may also feel warm to touch and the inflammation may cause the skin to stretch, tighten, shiny and purple in color.
  • Fever: this usually accompanies a gout attack along with the other symptoms of the condition and the fever may reach up to 120˚F. For this symptom, you may NSAIDs or anti-inflammatory medications can be consumed to decrease the inflammation and pain, thus reducing fever.
  • Kidney Stones: some individuals may develop kidney stones due to a gout condition and these stones are made up of uric acid as well. you will know that you have kidney stones in case  you are feeling pain on your side or lower back, symptoms of urinary tract infection are present like frequent urges to urinate and painful urination. In case you are also experiencing kidney stones condition, you do not have to worry, as these small stones can pass through the urinary system without any medical treatment.

Familiarizing yourself with the gout foot symptoms can help you administer the right treatment for it, thus preventing the condition from worsening. In case you are experiencing any of the symptoms stated above, a consultation with your physician should be done immediately so that your condition can be diagnosed and medications can be prescribed immediately.


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